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Ambassador Oscar Trujillo

Posted by Gautham Nayak on

“Growing up I was never confident with myself. I was always the “skinny guy” from the group until I realized that could change. Soccer has always been something that I love. Everything started during my high school years. During practice, our soccer coach would make us workout and with time I started seeing a change in my body. This truly made me get more into fitness and seeing progress made me hungry for more. I kept on going to the gym, hitting the basic workouts that I knew. As time passed, I learned more things about fitness and progress kept being made.


I felt so passionate that I wanted to take it to the next level. I recently competed for the first time in NPC Battle on the Bay and now I’m a National Qualifier. I am very excited to continue with this journey and make 2019 my year! Always putting 100% of commitment and hard work to continue to grow physically but also mentally. I just want to say to anyone who feels that way, being the “skinny kid” that you can always make a change in yourself. Patience and hard work and results will show!”

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